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Care & Treatment 


Products Made for Boxwood 1-2-3


1- Restorative Care 
Healing nutrients that fortifies 
boxwood and helps them
recover from diseases like blight.


2 - Protective Care 
Keeps boxwood in optimum health 
increasing resistance to
disease and insect attacks.


3- Grow Care 
Provides rich nutrients for 
peak growth performance.


Boxwood Care Program

Developed by Growers.
 Used by Growers. 


Now Available to Everyone! 

Boxwood Turbo Grow

Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix 


Granular Fertilizer 13-3-13

Foliar Fertilizer 8-0-10

A targeted fertilizer that provides rich 
nutrients through the soil during peak 
growing stages throughout the season. 
It is a fast acting fertilizer with a quick 
absorption rate. It helps keep your

boxwood in optimum health increasing

its resistance to disease and insect

attacks. We recommend fertilizer

treatments 3 times during the season

when the new leaves start growing during

the months of: April, June and August or

every 8 weeks. 

A tablet mixed with water for monthly maintenance spray used during the 
growing season (usually March to 
November depending on location) to keep your boxwood in optimum health while increasing their resistance to disease and insect attacks.

You will notice better growth and greener leaves after only a few applications, and most importantly an overall healthier appearance.

If your boxwood are infected with boxwood blight, then extra applications are done outside the regular maintenance program. There is no need to rip out your boxwood and replace them.

Boxwood Moth Trap



A targeted treatment to attract, catch,

and monitor the presence of the male

boxwood moth. The male moths are attracted by the pheromone and are caught in the trap. By catching the male moths, you have the opportunity to confirm its presence. 
While at the same time eradicate the boxwood moths by eliminating the ability

of the male moth to fertilize female eggs.  

The Moth trap kit comes with 2 syringes

with pheromone attractants that is sufficient for 1 season. The male Boxwood Moth season starts mid-May through mid-October for most areas. Colder and warmer climates may differ. 

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