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Introducing... TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix

We are so excited to introduce to our clients and future customers here in the States a product that helps your boxwood resist and recover blight diseases such a boxwood blight and Volutella. It is called TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix.  It is all natural and so easy to use that you can spray it yourself or have your gardener do it for you.  It is known as Health Mix in Europe. TOPBUXUS is the largest grower of boxwood in Europe and developed a fertilizer that helped their boxwood resist and recover from boxwood blight and other diseases.  Eventually they stopped using fungicides and solely used the new fertilizer which they made into a consumer product called Health Mix.  I recently started Topbuxus USA as exclusive distributor for TOPBUXUS Boxwood Restore & Protect Mix. You can purchase the tablets in three size, 10, 40 and 100 tablets.  Please go to, call 1-888-626-2077 or email to purchase or for more information.

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